Jerry D's Bar and Grill


Come out and enjoy the experience of Belt Sander Races at Jerry D's on an amazing 75 feet of track! Races are held in the beautiful beer garden. Sign ups start 1.5 hours before scheduled time. Practice occurring throughout sign ups. $15 a class with 3 Classes- Stock, Belt Sander Modified, and Super Modifieds. Cash payouts for each class! Racers need to be 21 years old.

December 7 at 12:30 pm

If you don't like our prices...

Bring your wife in and we will dicker.

There's only 2 things free at Jerry D's...

cock and bubble gum....

and we're out of bubble gum.

Free Beer Tomorrow

STAFF PICK from the "Best of Boulder County" 4/25/13

Biker Bar with a Secret Garden


604 8th Street, Dacono CO  303-833-3469

You have got to check this place out.  Yes, we know that Dacono is technically outside of Boulder County, but there just weren't any good biker bars with secret gardens that compared to Jerry D's, so we gave it to them anyway.  Don't let all those Harley's or the first impression of the place fool you.  If you keep on walking you will eventually arrive at one of the area's best kept secrets, an outdoor paradise complete with tropical grass hut bars and stage, a regulation sand bocce ball court, a toilet full of flowers, tons of green grass and a lot of fun-loving people.  So make the trek, grab a pitcher and some Mexican food, and enjoy the good old rock and roll that's always on the jukebox.